Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Delay, delay, delay.


"Gary," Mulholland explained, "I'm just not prepared to send my men into a place where we don't know the commander, lack significant intelligence and what we do know indicates a high probability that a small force could run into an extremely large force and be overwhelmed."

-Gary Bernsten, JAWBREAKER

Even in an Afghanistan lacking civil transparency I doubt that bin Laden and Zawahiri would have been able to avoid American forces this long on their own. Same with Saddam Hussein's unaccounted-for WMD. These people work around U.S. military and political standard operating procedure.

Perhaps I should try to illustrate the theory about the situation with a game called Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is a strategy game in which there are areas covered in black on your radar screen which doesn't reveal terrain or what is going on there until you "go through it". And that's after you built a radar facility. If you don't, you can forget about having a good overview or increasing your effectiveness on the battlefield. The point is that these black areas must be denied to America's enemies: criminal corporations (i.e. terrorist networks, anti-American political economies/corrupt ideologies).

This is why it is critical that we produce a solution to the American Education Crisis which poisons civilization and the mind of man. I'm not yet comfortable with a formal presentation at the moment, so I won't make it available to anyone except in the form of a few outline copies for safekeeping in the unlikely case that I can't complete my thesis, which I was excitedly preparing to post here as those interested might recall from my last blog.

I'm torn between posting the working paper and delaying any further blogging until the completed work is ready for publication in the form of a book or report somewhere which would also be posted here, of course. It is likely that I'll post a working paper, but not any time soon.

I do believe that completing this dissertation may take a couple of years (everyone has to allow themselves room for personal adjustments) but I will work to cut it down to months. That's why I recommend only four visits a year at most, or one at best within two years. If anyone would like to share any ideas you can e-mail me at MisterBlacko-AT-yahoo.com. I sign in at least once a month.

Oh, and I almost forgot to say, happy valentines day my dear readers (whoever's left).


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Good luck. Hope you're well ;)

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