Monday, October 10, 2005

Still thinking this through

In Cruciphobia, Revisited over at Lt./Citizen Smash's blog someone suggested that "we are knocking our heads against brick walls" when we try to be reasonable with the left. I just think that that wall is really nothing but a smokescreen that we can't really find the right shut down button on, right now. We can't lose heart, for God's children have stood up to machinations more extreme in the past.

Outrageously irrational things like this are happening. I mentioned the incredible yet expectable attacks against William Bennett, also, in my last post. He is apparently waging a war against Black men, you see. So he deserves to be slimed. Below, I reproduced a comment that I made over at a blog called Vision Circle because the fact that someone had to make it is yet more proof about the larger problem that we all face and are currently contending with.

Apparently we're dealing with people trained to further the purposes of the coercive and irrational forces of manipulation, deceit, and disgrace rather than for the purpose of an uplifting and healthy education. How to deal with that and yet maintain grace? Not without faith in the Great Redeemer of Man -as always!

I don't believe that renewal is impossible or unlikely or out of reach for this generation. We just have to make the best of what we have. And I believe it's alot no matter where you are or where you've been, despite the way it seems sometimes.


CNULAN: Full context would take into consideration Bennett's role as a leader and architect of America's War on Black Men

Once the paper trail from this phase of his career is admitted into evidence, then we begin working with a properly contextualized ground on which to assess the meaning of his reflexive illustration.

As an academic, with full access to the data, Bennett is certainly equipped to know better than to pose such a specious linkage. However, as a hypocritical founding architect of the most damaging and hardline aspects of the War on Black Men it would be foolishly naive to expect him to express himself otherwise.

Bennett is a racist of the first order who has made a career off of twisting the truth to suit his ends - one of which has been maximum havoc and damage in the black community.


Yes, more people are being locked up for longer periods. That's the reason that the crime rate has gone down and no, the problem is not the laws themselves as tempting as it may be for you to say so. There is something more worth considering than shifting numbers and objects that depend on our choices. Had our laws been as relaxed as in times past we would see an explosion of crime like you wouldn't believe.

To illustrate the point:

"In 196o, for every 1,ooo violent crime arrests, 299 arrestees were eventually imprisoned. But by 197o that number had fallen to 17o.* ...From 196o to 197o, violent crime rates rose 126 percent. In the next decade, they jumped another 64 percent."

The cultural and social disfunction has not been alleviated since then, it has in fact become worse in many ways. The rate of single-parent households has actually gone up. Criminality and decadence is not as frowned upon as it was, even then.

"From 198o to 199o, the violent crime rate went up again, but at a slower pace: 23 percent. Then violent crime rates actually began to fall- there was a 6.4% drop between 1990 and 1995.** Why did violent crime rates begin to drop? Because communities all across the U.S. started to roll back the destructive liberal policies of the sixties." In 199o there were 773,919 prisoners, by 1994 there were 1,o53,738 of them. And of course the moral insoucients behind such trends say that we need more of their "medicine" and brand of "progress"; but it is becoming obvious to anyone that escapes the echo chambers of madness that it is poison.

The problem in terms of our current social maladies is that while people have been coming to their senses in terms of policies, the ideological and systematic impetus behind them remains deeply entrenched in academia. The embrace of obscenity, common in criminals, has widely been shared and cultivated by libs. Pretty much, the body has been healing itself, despite what should be the brain. But it cannot survive for very long that way. Solving this problem is going to be a little tricky considering its nature.


[NOTE: for all comments in CNULAN SIRC_VALENCE debate go here]

(Quotes from Ch. 26, The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy by David Smith)

*U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 199o, NCJ-129198

**U.S.D.o.J., Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 1994, NCJ-151654


Blogger cnulan said...

After the daisy-cutter that P6 put up here, I suspect it'll be all over cept for the conservative crying noises before very long. But you never can tell, these folks are profoundly invested in their fictions, no matter how demonstrably erroneous.

10:30 AM  
Blogger cnulan said...

What a hornets nest of uncomfortable truth you and Cobb opened up with your ill-advised apologia for Bennett.

Don't go trying to duck the issue now. It's game time and you and your cronies are due for righteous spanking - even if it has to be delivered here, right at your doorstep SV.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Sirc_Valence said...


I'm sure we will have some more interesting discussions in the future. Of course I will try to be convenient about it.

I'm not really into ranting and raving.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Sirc_Valence said...

Look CNULAN, I'm trying to be as personally inoffesnive as I can: I don't want to argue the point that you lost Rnd.1 or whether we may later even consider it in those terms; people can decide for themselves what that means.

And as for your 5 friends, I have no problem with taking them on. Basically all that they've said is that if someone smashes your brain it isn't gonna work.

I knew that already, and I also know that we don't always have all the answers for every question. So we should not try to be God.

You might want to pick up The Abolition of Man, which is basically a Judeo-Christian denominationally neutral basis for the education enterprise and an irrefutable reductio ad absurdom of the inevitable consequence of an unwise rebellion against that.

So do that. You have nothing to lose if you're right. Right?

Stay cool.

1:56 PM  

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