Saturday, October 08, 2005

For the record, I'm rooting for Roy Jones Jr.

He's bad.

Both of these guys are. Just check out them mugs.



I don't want to miss anymore of this fight of so I'm not going to live blog on it.



Mr. Jones lost the fight on a decision. He couldn't be the best forever, I suppose.

So, Mr. Tarver is still the champ, he still wears the crown.

Apparently he threw around 300 more punches than Jones, but Jones was sharper in there in the ring in terms of what he did. Both of them were in excellent conditioned and I expected to see a bigger collision and more sparks in the ring because of that.

Jones is my favorite boxer, and I noticed that I still wear my Trunner LXs which I bought after I saw an ad in a magazine with Roy in them back in Highschool. The first time that I saw him in the ring I was impressed at such skill combined with the explosive speed of his once ceaseless and accurate blistering punches.

Some of the bottom on my Trunners is missing in both of them and the toe tip on both shoes sort of have a "mouth" which opens and closes when they lift from all the years of wear and tear that I've put on them but I just can't throw them away. I would have taken some pix and posted them up but someone borrowed my camera and the cameraphone which I borrowed tonight wasn't compatible with this laptop which I should go ahead and replace now.

A toast, to the next generation.



I expected something more after the mold of

...Winky vs. Tito (last May)

...or Pacquiao vs. Marquez (2004)

..and other great matches.

I have to say that in Tarver v Jones III, neither fighter unleashed his full potential, but they got kind of close to crossing the threshold at some moments.


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