Friday, October 07, 2005

The Abiogenesis of Moral Relativism

Interesting little column at Excerpt:

The idea of “abiogenesis” expects one to accept on blind faith that life just “magically appeared” from some accidents with rocks, water, and a few base chemicals. [Pretty much a Supernatural claim from which attacks against consciousness and awareness of the Supernatural are launched; nonsensically, of course.]

Evolutionary theory [today] demands that only physical/material properties can be evaluated. This notion completely ignores the fact that human beings have the ability to reason, to think through things, to make value judgments, to make decisions, to choose right or wrong, to have order and structure or to have disorder and chaos.

This is another point of conflict, if you accept [materialists'] premises, only natural selection is valid and all of our morals, values, and social structures aren’t valid. But they exist and their very existence proves that [materialism] has [fatal flaws].

The “law of the jungle” part of evolution is a glaring defect and a strong demonstration that evolution misses the mark. There is something more to human life than just “kill or be killed.” [see Deut 8:3]

Over and over again, architect, electrical engineer, physicist, chemist, veterinary, and any number of professions routinely cheat “natural selection” with intelligent design. Over and over again evolution’s “accidents” and “natural selections” are overcome by intelligent design.

Look into the eyes of one of God's creatures, of someone that you love. And there you will see the fingerprints of God.

Genesis 2:17 basically traces the statement "to see through everything is to see nothing" to its absolute meaning.


Anonymous Liberal Loather said...

Professing themselves to be wisw, they became fools,
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like unto corruptible man....Romans 1:22, 23a

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Liberal Loather said...

Sorry about the typo and thanks for stopping by!

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