Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Finding vs Looting. My opinion.

If there was time for me to do it, if there was a Wal-Mart or something like that that I came across while trying to find people that might need help, or find my way out of the disaster, I would take a few goodies with me since alot of the things there may not be salvaged by their owners, the store.

Getting food and water from a supermarket is not stealing or looting if it has become part of the hazardous environment that you are trying to survive in.

Once the market has been -effectively- destroyed, taken out of commission, along with the city, and taken out of THE market-
it will be bulldozed or simply rot.

Therefore, when you go into that store or market where the stuff will go to waste anyway, you are not really stealing, if the word means anything. You really are finding.

If you take what you need from the shops in order to help your family survive, then that act of taking is not wrong and it should not be called looting.


Blogger Tim said...

We are in complete agreement sir. I saw a news clip about a guy who broke into a Walmart, put as much bottled water and energy bars, etc. as he could into his Ford Taurus, painted a white cross and the word "AID" on it and drove around handing the stuff out to anyone he found that needed help. That took guts, the guy was risking getting a bullet in the head for his trouble.

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