Thursday, September 15, 2005

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The streets and villages of Iraq are still filled with danger. The initial euphoria of the liberation of 25 to 26 million people has tapered off, making way for the anxiety that comes when you wonder what may come tomorrow every time a fascistic butcher kidnaps an Iraqi official or civilian, or uses the tactics that Saddam Hussein used in order to maintain their domination over others: terrorism. This is like when people get excited that someone is going to help fix up a broken down home in a bad neighborhood and then realize that its time to start the fixing. Naturally, the attitude is affected by "what is going on right now."

In this time it is good to remember that compared to Saddam Hussein, these mini-Saddams and bin Ladens are just pests in comparison. Their poison, like that of a Black Widow's can kill you or your brothers and sisters. And so the work of cleaning out the spiders and their nests goes on. Although these monsters continue to threaten, maim and kill - they can't do it to as many as the Butcher of Baghdad has.

That's what I'de like to say, Y.M. and The Patriot.

My view is that things are improving. Iraq is becoming stronger verifying that that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger - unless you allow it to break you down. Just remember: Don't.

Iraq is a country that has survived 30 years of a terroristic dictatorship - and there are terrorists and terrorist dictatorships that are working together to keep the people of Iraq from moving forward. The master does not like to lose his ability to whip his slave, so he fights that. I believe that there is alot of potential in Iraq and around the world that has been locked away by the forces of darkness. To look at all the innovations in medicine and science that a small portion of the world's population produces forces one to consider what more can be and would have been achieved if we were more faithful to our values, especially in education and really understood that The principles of wealth creation transcend time, people, and place. Governments which deliberately subvert them by denouncing God, smothering faith, destroying freedom, and confiscating wealth have impoverished their people.(-Reagan)

In the United States 500,000 Americans perished in the American Civil War in which the fate of slavery in my nation was sealed. To borrow a phrase that has special meaning to our President, we have "A Charge To Keep."

As well as the picture above, I'm also borrowing a quote of President Lincoln from The Presidential Prayer Team that I saw today:

Without the assistance of the Divine Being who ever attended him, I cannot succeed. With that assistance I cannot fail. Trusting in Him who can go with me, and remain with you, and be everywhere for good, let us confidently hope that all will yet be well.

-Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, IL, February 11, 1861


Blogger thepatriot15 said...

I don't think youmammy is an angry civilian like the ones they show on ABC; maybe just worried about the rebuilding/future of Iraq. But I also believe that she's pretty well off, so I wish I could talk to someone who is a little more... poor?

Thanks for taking interest.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Sirc_Valence said...

I hope that it didn't appear like I was implying that she was being an "angry civilian". I wouldn't characterize her that way.

I just wanted to make comments relating to the dangers that exist today and the overall struggle for freedom.

7:30 PM  

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