Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I was just reading about the slaying of Catherine Genovese and noticed how many lib shibboleths, in action, (and in inaction) could be traced back to the narcissistic "moral" thinking of the Left.

The following are exerpts from Michael Dorman's Newsday retrospective on "The Killing of Kitty Genovese. Her public slaying in Queens becomes a symbol of America's failure to get involved."

Only one person called the police when almost 40 people heard a woman's cries for help. One man shouted from his apartment window, "Let that girl alone." The attacker walked away as apartment lights went out and windows shut. Then Winston Moseley returned and stabbed Catherine Genovese again. When the murderer saw that people turned their apartment lights back on after hearing Catherine scream and beg for help (AGAIN), Moseley, took off in a car.
A neighbor called the police at 3:50 AM, that March 13, 1964. The cops got there minutes later and found her body and discovered that at least 38 people were aware of her cries as she was being stabbed to death. The attacks came at three intervals within a half-hour period. The commander of the Queens detective department was shocked by the ethical insouciance of the victim's neighbors, stating, "If we had been called when he first attacked, this woman might not be dead now."

Quoting from the article:

"Madeline Hartmann, a native of France, was 68 at the time of the murder and
lived in the building where Genovese died. On the 20th anniversary of the
murder, she said in an interview she did not feel bad about failing to call the
police. 'So many, many [other] times in the night, I heard screaming,' she said.
'I'm not the police and my English speaking is not perfect.'

"Three months after Genovese's death, Moseley went on trial for her murder in State Supreme Court in Queens. He pleaded insanity and testified in painstaking detail about how he had stalked and stabbed Genovese to satisfy his supposedly
uncontrollable urge. On June 11, 1964, a jury found him guilty. The following
month, he was sentenced by Justice J. Irwin Shapiro to die in the electric chair
at Sing Sing prison. 'When I see this monster, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the switch myself,' the judge said.

"But in 1967 the State Court of Appeals reduced the punishment to life imprisonment on the ground that Shapiro had erred in refusing to admit evidence on Moseley's mental condition at a pre-sentence hearing. [Thanks libs. Really. Thanks for robbing the victim of justice and corrupting law, being the perverts that you are.]

"A year later, taken from prison to a Buffalo hospital for minor surgery, Moseley struck a prison guard and escaped. He obtained a gun, held five persons hostage, raped one of them and squared off for a showdown with FBI agents in an apartment building.

"During one parole hearing in 1984, Moseley volunteered that he had written Genovese's relatives a letter 'to apologize for the inconvenience I caused.'

"Moseley also told the board the murder was as difficult for him as his victim. [Only a thoroughly indocrinated lib would fall for that one and think that it made any sense.] 'For a victim outside, it's a one-time or one-hour or one-minute affair,' he said. 'But, for the person who's caught, it's forever.'" [How enlightening. No wonder Dems want to give these people more influence than they already have in this world]


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